Fedres' Birthday Sale

Fourth Annual Birthday Sale!

WELCOME to my Fourth Annual Birthday Sale. I am slowly getting it together and am still adding pieces, so please check back if this type of thing interests you and maybe we can make a deal! In the meantime, here are a few goodies that I have accumulated over the years and am now willing to sell.


Bill Sienkiewicz pencils/inks over Fernando Dagnino layouts STARMAN 81 page $175



John Buscema / Tom Palmer THE AVENGERS 268 page featuring Kang! $675



Hal “Camp” Campagna 1966 BRINGING UP FATHER strips featuring Maggie & Jiggs $20 each – these are rather large


I have more of these, all from late November and December of 1966.


Andy MacDonald X-men vs Alternate Universe X-Men commission $200 11×17



Sean Chen commission 17 x 5 $65





Steve McNiven Doctor Strange DVD cover pencil prelim 8.5X11 $600




Norm Breyfogle 11×17 commission $300





Bill Sienkiewicz Frankenstein 8.5×11 $300




Lee Weeks commission 17×5 $150




Please email me at fedres@optonline.net with questions, complaints, pleas and/or curses. s/h will likely be $10 US and more international (international orders will be charged whatever is on the package as postal charge).